The LZCWC Award

The LZ CW CLUB issues the LZCWC Award to any licensed amateur radio operator for two-way QSO’s, with different members of the LZ CW CLUB, on CW, on any HF band as follows:

First Class 30 members

Second Class 20 members

Third Class 10 members

Recommended frequencies for contacting LZCWC members:

1825, 3527, 7027, 10127, 14027, 18087, 21027, 24927 and 28027 kHz.

LZCWC members may send LZCWC after their call sign, when they operate on these frequencies.

No fee is required.

Updated LZ CW CLUB membership list can be obtained from, and applications containing log extracts with members worked, date, time and band, as well as applicant’s names, call sign and address should be sent by e-mail to:


or by ordinary mail to:

Dimiter Petrov, LZ1AF
P.O. Box 412
1000 Sofia


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