Peter, HA3AUI, се завръща  в Африка. Ще е активен в свободното си време с инициал 6W2SC
     (от Сенегал) и J5UAP  (от Гвинея-Бисау) до 15 април.Неговите планове са да работи предимно
     на цифровите видове работа и на SSB.Ще активен на всички HF обхвати включително и 6 метра
     от 6W и на 30 до 10 метра от J5.                                         QSL via HA3AUI.

     Nigel, G3TXF is QRV as FJ/G3TXF until February5. Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using CW.
                                                                             QSL to home call.
     Zoli, HA3HK, ще работи с инициал HG1848I от 1 февруари до 31 декември по случай
     160 години от Унгарската революция (1848-49).                  QSL via home call (only direct).
  ---The two radioclubs HA5KKC (Bajcsy Radio Club) in Budapest and HA8KVK (Janoshalma Town Radio Club) will activate the special event
     callsign HG550REX throughout the year 2008. This is to remember the popular Hungarian king
     Matthias Corvinus who ascended the throne 550 years ago.      QSL via HA5GY, via bureau ist ok.

      Rick, NE8Z ,ще работи с инициал HC1MD от Tumbaco, Еквадор, от 7 до 14 и от 21 до 27 февруари
      - в промеждутъка (15 - 20 февруари) той ще е активен от Рио де Жанейро, Бразилия, с инициал
      PY1/NE8Z. Ще работи на обхватите от 10 до 80 м използвайки само  CW и SSB. 
                                                                                  QSL via K8LJG.
     Finally Jay Mills,K1YJ, received his license for Panama and is now active as HP3AK.
                                                           His QSL manager is Jack,W4JS.
     During the month of February, look for 26 stations to sign with the prefix ES90 on the bands
     Activity is to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Republik. Some stations
     mentioned are: ES90M and ES90G - QSL Manager is Vello, ES1QD
                    ES90J - QSL Manager is Victor, ES1GE
     John, KX7YT, ще е активе през свободното си време от Дакка, до 11 март.Той се надява да
     получи своя стар инициал S21YV и ще работи  на  SSB, PSK31 и RTTY, и помалко на SSTV и CW.
     Гласи се да участва в CQ WW WPX RTTY и ARRL SSB DX Contest.                 QSL via KX7YT.
---  Toby, SM4XDJ is QRV as S21XJ from Dhaka for a few weeks.  Activity is on the HF bands using
     SSB and various digital modes during his evening hours and weekends.       QSL via SM4XIH.

     Udo, C21HC is QRV as T30HC.  He has been active on 20 meters CW around 0600z. 
                                                                                QSL via DL9HCU.
     Операторите от "TC Special Wireless Activity Team" http://tcswat.tripod.com/ между 1 и 15
     февруари ще работят активно с инициал TC800NH по случай 800 годишнинатана НастрадинХоджа 

- известен герой от турския фолклор.
     Ще се използват предимно обхватите 17, 20 и 40 м на SSB и CW.               QSL via TA1HZ.

     Phil, F4EGS, от 19 януари отново е в Чад и отново ще е активен с инициал TT8PK в продължение
     на няколко месеца. Ще използва "горните" обхвати (10-20 м) и ще работи  на всички видове
     излъчвания.                                                                  QSL via F4EGS.

     Rick, KT7G, и Jake, N7WO, ще работят на обхватите от 160 до 6 м  с инициали V31TB и V31WO от
     Белиз между 6 и 19 февруари. Те ще работят от QTH на V31MD и ще вземат участие в CQ WW WPX
     RTTY Contest с инициал V31TB, а в ARRL DX CW Contest ще използват V31WO.При това първата
     седмица те ще отделят повече внимание на QRV на  RTTY,а през втората ще използват CW.
                                                                              QSL via home calls.
    Saul, WA1UKN is QRV as VP5/WA1UKN from Grand Turk until May 7. Activity is on 40, 20, 17,
    15, 12 and 10 meters.                                                      QSL to home call.
     Lars, MM0DWF, will be active as VP8DIF from the old whaling station Husvik between January 27th
     and February 28th. He is expected to arrive in Husvik around January 26th and will leave the
     island on March 1st. Activity will be limited to his spare time. According to his Web page,
     15 meters will be his main band, but he will have access to most HF bands.
     Visit his interesting Web page at:   http://www.lars-boehme.de/vp8dif/index.html
                                                           QSL via DJ9ZB, direct or by the bureau.

      Andrei, NP3D (EW1AR), ще е QRV през февруари от Никарагуа. Той ще вземе участие
      в CQ WPX RTTY Contest с инициал YN2S, а седмоцата преди състезанието (3-8 февруари)
      ще работи активно на RTTY, CW, PSK31 и SSB на на всички обхвати използвайки инициала
      H7/NP3D. По един оператор от всеки континент (6) , които направят най-много QSO
      band/mode с YN2S и H7/NP3D,ще получат специална награда (футболна топка с инициалите)
                                                                              QSL via W3HNK.  
Island activities:
         Gwyn, G4FKH, ще е QRV с инициал 3B8/G4FKH от MAURITIUS ISLAND (AF-049) между
         5 февруари и 14 март. Ще работи през свободното си време,използвайки малка мощност
         100 вата и дипол за 10-40 метра,само на CW.                     QSL via home call.

EU-034  Muhu Island
        Operator Vello, ES1QD, will be active as ES90M from Muhu Island during February
        sometime (no dates provided).                            QSL via his home callsign.

EU-175 Faial isl
        CU8AS и HB9CRV (CT3FN) ще работят с инициал CU7T от Cedros, о-в Faial,
        до 5 февруари.Те работят  на CW, RTTY и PSK31.
                                                              QSL via CT1GFK.

NA-007  Southampton isl
        Mike, VE2XB, ще работи с инициал VE2XB/VY0 от о-в Southampton (NA-007)
        през следващите няколко месеца.Ще е активен на CW и SSB на 40,30 и 20 м
        през свободното си време.                           QSL via home call.

     The DXpedition of the week is going to Cocos Island (Isla del Coco, NA-012) also known
     as Treasure Island. Everything will take place like planned though the original license
     holder will not take part in the DXpedition himself. The change of the TI9K license
     holder from TI2KAC to TI7WGI (co-organizer) was no problem and all preparations for the
     team of twelve are well underway. YL Yamini,VU2YAM, Oscar,EA1DR, Carlos,EA1IR, Fred,DH5FS,
     Norbert,DJ7JC, Guenter,DL2AWG, Arno,OE9AMJ, Andy,DH8WR/EA2CRX, Manfred,HS0ZEU/DL2EBR,
     Joe,AA4NN, Charles,W4GMY,and Craig,K9CT, will be on the air as TI9K from Feb 6-14.
     They will run up to seven stations simultaneously with at least one digi-mode station
     operating MixW 2.18, PSK and all other digital modes. Another station will work also via
     EME (2m/70cm). Operation takes place in CW/SSB/RTTY/ PSK on 6-160m including 60m.
     The antennas for the six stations include: 5 band Spiderbeam, AV 640 verticals, HF6V,
     4 squares for 40m/30m/20m, verticals and dipoles for 160m/80m/60m. The team appreciates
     any donations and the QSL manager EA2CRX confirms QSLs direct or via bureau.
     An online log will be published on their website after the expedition ends. You can find
     all necessary information about this DXpedition including an EME schedule at:
     These are the frequencies TI9K will use (in MHz):
               CW      SSB     RTTY      PSK
     160m   1.815*   1.845    1.838    1.838    * also 1.830 in CW for EU
      80m   3.515    3.794    3.590    3.580
      40m   7.015    7.089    7.038    7.035
      30m  10.110   10.135   10.140   10.140
      20m  14.015   14.205   14.080   14.070
      17m  18.076   18.155   18.100   18.100
      15m  21.015   21.260   21.080   21.080
      12m  24.910   24.950   24.920   24.920
      10m  28.015   28.495   28.120   28.120
       6m  50.100   50.120   50.080   50.080
Операторите DH5FS (Fred) and K9CT (Craig) ще активират работа EME на 2м и 70см амо на рандом.
TI9K ще предава винаги в първия период.
Ще бъде инсталирана и станция на 6 метра (100W + vertical),която ще работи като фар на 50.110.
Не се предвижда работа ЕМЕ на обхвата 6 метра.
TI9K ще участва в DUBUS REF digital contest на 9 - 10 февруари.
TRX: FT897D incl. TCXO
ANT: "DL8YHR special" 10ele for 2m + 27ele for 70cm on the same boom
PA: 2m: 350W 70cm: 120W incl. LNAs
time sync: via GPS
        144.100MHz (RX: +/- 1kHz)
Расписание  на работата на  EME:
Date     Time in UTC Band  Mode    OP Rmks
06-Feb-08 1200-2320   2m   JT65b    
07-Feb-08 1240-1650   2m   JT65b    
07-Feb-08 1650-1850   2m   CW    
07-Feb-08 1850-0020   2m   JT65b    
08-Feb-08 1340-1440   70cm CW    
08-Feb-08 1440-0120   2m   JT65b    
09-Feb-08 1400-1600   70cm JT65b   DUBUS ctest
09-Feb-08 1600-2300   2m   JT65b   DUBUS ctest
10-Feb-08 0000-0155   70cm JT65b   DUBUS ctest
10-Feb-08 1450-1550   70cm JT65b   DUBUS ctest
10-Feb-08 1550-0100   2m   JT65b   DUBUS ctest
11-Feb-08 0100-0300   70cm JT65b    
11-Feb-08 1550-1750   2m   CW    
11-Feb-08 1750-0355   2m   JT65b    
12-Feb-08 1625-1725   70cm CW    
12-Feb-08 1725-0430   2m   JT65b    
13-Feb-08 1725-0000   2m   JT65b    
14-Feb-08 0200-0530   70cm JT65b    
14-Feb-08 1825-2025   70cm JT65b    
14-Feb-08 2025-0000   2m   JT65b    

     Tip/N4SIA (KG4AS via N4SIA) informs OPDX that he and Bill/W4WV (KG4WV via W4WV), Stu/K4MIL
     (KG4SS via K4MIL) and Emmett/KD4OS (KG4OS via KD4OS) will be going to GTMO and arriving on
     January 29th. They will stay for 2 weeks. The team will be erecting a new Force 12 and a
     new windom antenna, plus make some repairs to other equipment. They plan to be on the air
     on all bands. They are hoping to have a special event station up on "Marine Hill" with the
     callsign KG4DD.             

NA-076  FL State North West Group:
        Wade,AA8LL, will sign AA8LL/4 from Cedar Key from Feb 2-5.        QSL via homecall.

NA-213 Dauphin Island
       Ray, K9DUR, will be active as K9DUR/p from Dauphin Island (USI AL-002S, Mobile County,
       Alabama), February 11-16th. Activity will be around the usual IOTA frequencies.
                                         QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the bureau.

OC-013 Rarotonga           
OC-083 Mauke      Richard, AD7AF, ще е QRV kato E51WWA от Южните Кукови острови стартирайки
         от 27 януари до 21 февруари.От начало ще е от Rarotonga (OC-013), а след това ще се
         прибере на Mauke (OC-083) около 10 февруари. Ще работи на обхватите от 10 до 80 м
         само на CW и SSB.                                               QSL via home call.

      Yoshi, JJ8DEN, ще е активен с инициал VP6PR от Adamstown, о-в Питкерн (OC-044),до 8 или
      9 февруари.Той работи на CW, RTTY и PSK31 (без SSB) с мощност 100 вата и ANT inverted-L
      на 160 и 80 м, ground plane на 40 м, дипол на 30 м, и бим 20-10m.
      Ориентировъчните работни честоти са:
         CW    1821 3503 7003 10103 14003 18071 21003 24893 28003
         RTTY                       14083 18103 21083 24923 28083
         PSK                        14071 18101 21071 24921 28071
                                                                        QSL via home call.
OC-073  Minami-Torishima
     Masa, JA6GXK, отново ще е активен като JD1BMM от Minami-Torishima (OC-073) от
     31 януари до 19 февруари. Той ще работи през свободното си време, като ще обръща
     внимание основно на работа с Европа и Севрна Америка.

      George/K8GG, Gary/KD9SV и George/W8UVZ ще са активни като PJ4/KD9SV и PJ4/W8UVZ
      от о-в Bonaire (SA-006) до 8 февруари. Повече време ще отделят за работа на обхватите
      160, 80, 30, 17 и 12 м.                                             QSL via home call.
  --- Goose,PJ2/W8AV will show up in CW and maybe also in RTTY from Feb 4-18. While spending
      his holidays there he is also invited to join the team  of PJ2T during the ARRL DX CW
      Contest (Feb 16/17).

SA-043  Ascension Island 
      Look for CE6TBN, HA1AG, RA0FU and RV1CC to be QRV as XR7A from Ascension Island,
      IOTA SA-043, from February 2 to 6 and then as XR7W from Wager Island, IOTA SA-053,
      from February 9 to 12, weather-permitting.Activity will be mostly on 40, 30 and 20m.
                                                                            QSL via HA1AG.

SA-071  Moela Island
      A group of PY2 OMs plans to become QRV as PW2M from Moela Island (one of the most
      wanted IOTA groups in SA) from Feb 1-8.                                  QSL via AI4U.       

+ SILENT KEY +  Alan Wright,9H1AW, passed away tragically at the age of 71:
                He fell from his tower while doing some maintenance on his antenna.
                Our condolences are with his XYL Maureen,9H1JN.
Radio Amateurs break 241 GHz distance record :

According to a report posted to the UK Microwave reflector, the world DX record for 241 GHz
has been broken by WA1ZMS/4 and W4WWQ/4 with a distance of 114.4 km.
The report says:
Brian, WA1ZMS has claimed what should be a new world DX record of 114.4km for the 241GHz
band. (The former DX record was 79km)
The QSO was between WA1ZMS/4 and W4WWQ/4 using CW.
This QSO was over 2 years in the making with several failed attempts at even shorter
distances during that time period. The key to success was the very driest of winter air
that may only take place one day per year in that part of the country. Oh and a wind chill
factor of -26C at the WA1ZMS point!
The wind chill is said to have made for an interesting experience and as W4WWQ said, it's
amazing how a piece of RG-58 can become like a baton in such conditions.
Two hours into the efforts Brian lost feeling in his right toe from just standing around
and had to resort to putting a chemical hand warmer in his shoe!
QSO Details are:
Date: Jan 21st, 2008
Time: 01:24z
WA1ZMS/4 37-31-00N 79-30-35W FM07fm
W4WWQ/4 36-43-03N 80-19-23W EM96ur
Distance: 114.4km

Temp: -15C Dew Point: -26C
RH: 38% Wind: 32km/h
Wind chill: -26C
Time spent out in the wind: 5 hours
Pressure: 876mb
Atmos Loss: 0.29dB/km

Temp: -11C Dew Point: -22C
RH: 40% Baro: 890mb
Atmos Loss: 0.41dB/km

(story with thanks to vk4oe Doug Friend)
UK Microwave Yahoo Reflector
V8, BRUNEI (Ham Shack Rental Available!)
Ambran, V85SS, announces that he has just built a new DX station called "Tungku Lodge" which
is available for DXpeditions, Contests or just for visiting and Ham Radio operating from
Brunei. It is a bungalow located at the side of Ambran house, and about 10 minutes drive
from the airport and the city. Lodge has a 40 ft. tower with a Mosley TA-53-M, transceivers,
Katsumi keyers, vertical antennas for all bands - 80-10 meters including 30/17/12 meters as
well as a full wave dp for top band. The lodge is self contained, fully air- conditioned
with 3 beds, kitchenette and shower, as well as a covered terrace. Ambran provides self
cooking breakfast and airport transfers. Do look up on the following Web site and contact
Ambran if interested in operating there. Ham liscences can be arranged in advance at an
extra cost. For details, look at:       http://www.tungkulodge.blogspot.com/



Additional information