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The VP6DX Ducie Island DXpedition
The big and very ambitious international DXpedition to Ducie Island, VP6DX, in the
South Pacific, headed by the German DXer Carsten, DL6LAU will be making the news
 February 10 through 28!
The DXpedition’s Press Release says:
February 6 – 9: Sail direct to Ducie Island. Weather and sea conditions permitting,
 we should be at the island early Saturday morning at sunrise.
February 9 – 11: Unload ship onto the island and construct camp and stations.
NOTE: This is the most uncertain part of the schedule. We expect unloading and construction
 to take three full days under the BEST conditions (weather and sea conditions cooperating).
 With poor weather/sea, we may not be able to unload immediately… possibly waiting for
many days. Most optimistic schedule: begin on-air operations around local midnight,
February 11, Monday.
VP6DX will consist of 7 independent stations, 5 of them with 1 kilowatt Bulgarian made
ACOM 1000 and 1010 amplifiers and numerous wire antennas for all bands 160 through 10 meters,
 as well as a 5 element Yagi for 6 meters.
QSLs: To obtain direct QSL cards please mark VP6DX on the envelope and send it to
Carsten Esch, Drosselweg 3, 21376 Salzhausen, Germany.
 Non EU stations: send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) plus 3 US dollars or 2 Euro;
 EU stations: send a SAE plus 1 US dollar or 1 Euro. Please remember that only the new
valid IRCs for direct return are accepted.
There is no way to send your QSL cards through the bureau! Only online QSL requests for
bureau cards will be confirmed at the very last after they have been processed
(probably 8-12 months after the expedition).

Source: Radio Bulgaria's DX programme

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