Remember to look for Jack, F6BUM, to be active again as 3W3M from March 20th
    and April 2nd. Activity will be CW and SSB on 40/30/20/17/15/12/10 meters
    using only 100 watts into a vertical antenna. He plans to activate the
    following IOTAs:
  AS-185 (new one) - Con Co Island; March 20th (1000z)   to March 23rd (0600z)
  AS-128           - Phu Quoc Island; March 25th (0800z) to March 28th (0600z)
  AS-130           - Dao Con Island; March 29th (1000z)  to April 2nd (0600z)
  QSL via F6BUM, direct or by the bureau. Visit it his Web page at: www.f6bum.net

    Johnny, LA5IIA will be QRV as 5H3G from Dar es Salaam from March 25 to 29.
    Activity will be on 40 to 10 meters during his spare time.  QSL via LA4YW.

    Between 16 - 30 Mar  a German team is planning a DXpedition to Nouakchott,
    Mauritania. The current team of operators are: Rich/DK8YY, Rene/DL2JRM,
    Ralf/DL3JJ, Ingolf/DL4JS, Dan/DL5SE, DL2ARD and Andreas/DL7ZZ. They plan
    to have 3 stations on the air; 2 with amplifiers. For operations on the
    low bands 2 verticals (V160 and V80) will be erected, and on 40 m they will
    use 2 phased verticals. For 30-10 meters, they will set up  2 beams, and
    for the digital station there will be another groundplane. They will try
    to have an online log available that will be updated daily via I-net or pactor.
    A Web page will be updated with all informations about the DXpedition at
    http://www.5t2008.de/               QSL via DH7WW, by the bureau or direct.

    Alessandro,IK4ALM will be active as 6W/IK4ALM from Senegal on 16-27 March.
    He plans to operate holiday style on 10-40 metres with 100 watts to a GP.
                                        QSL via home  call, direct or  bureau.

    A large group of operators will be QRV as 7P8FC from Katse Dam from March 27
    to April 3.  Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters, except 30 meters, using CW,
    SSB, RTTY and PSK.                                             QSL via ON4CJK.

    Members of the Radio Club 'Varazdin' (9A1HDE/9A7A) will be active as 9A60A
    from March until the end of this year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of
    their Radio Club. First activity is scheduled to take place during
    the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 29-30th).                      QSL via 9A7A.

    Operator Ed/N1UR and his xyl Christine/ KB1PQN (her first DXpedition) are still
    expected to be active from Layang- Layang Island Resort, Spratly Islands (AS-051)
    between 0800z, March 22nd and 0000z, March 30th. Ed (now in BY-land) informed 
    this past week that both operators now have permission from the Navy to use the
    callsign 9M6/N1UR. He is also looking for any donations (if possible) to help
    defray the significant "Extra Baggage" charges to Spratly. There are lots of coax
    and wire going over to the island to put up the best TX and RX antennas possible
    with their limited budget. Ed mentioned that he will be updating their Web site
    regularly as it gets closer to their arrival on Spratly. He is not sure if they
    will be able to post updates from Spratly itself, but they will try. QSL via K2RET:
    Bob Tomkovich, Jr., 405 Hemlock Dr., Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734 USA. More information,
    as well as a "needs and wants" mode/band survey can be found at:
    A multinational team of Roberto EA2RY, Gerard EA3EXV, Manuel EA7AJR,Javi EA5KM,
    Toni EA5RM, Ruben EB5ESX/EA5BZ, Javi EC4DX, Bernard F9IE, Massimo I8NHJ,
    Fabrizio IN3ZNR, and Dimitri UY7CW, plans to show up as 9X0R until Mar 27.
    They want to run at least three stations in CW, SSB and RTTY on 10-160m at the
    same time. QSLs via Toni,EA5RM.
    This is the frequency plan they announced (in MHz):
       BAND       CW      SSB     RTTY
        10m   28.024   28.495   28.080
        12m   24.894   24.945   24.920
        15m   21.024   21.295   21.080
        17m   18.074   18.145   18.100
        20m   14.024   14.195   14.080
        30m   10.104      ---      10.140
        40m     7.004     7.065    7.035
        80m     3.504     3.795      ---
       160m    1.824     1.845      ---
     More details about their DXpedition can be found at http://www.9x0r.com

    Look for I4UFH, IZ4DPV and CT1DVV to be QRV as D4C from March 20 to April 2.
    This includes an entry in the upcoming CQ WPX SSB contest.    QSL via IZ4DPV.

    Bruno, HB9BEI and Chris, HB9AUZ are QRV as EL8BK and EL8CB, respectively, until
    the end of April.  They will use CW and digital modes in their spare time. 
                                                 QSL via operators' instructions.

    Peter, K8PT and Craig, K3PLV will be QRV as MJ/homecalls from March 22 to 27. 
                                                                QSL to home calls.

    Look for Jan, K4QD and Don, AF4Z to be QRV as HH4/homecalls from the Northwest
    Haiti Christian Mission from March 24 to April 4.  Activity will be on 80 to
    10 meters in their spare time.  They also plan to be active in the upcoming
    CQ WPX SSB contest.                                          QSL to home calls.

    Operators PE1L and PA0ZH are QRV as JW/homecalls until June 15. Activity is on
    6 meters.                                   QSL via operators' instructions.

    John, KX7YT will be QRV as S21YV from Dhaka from March 25 to 31. Activity will
    be on 40, 20 and 15 meters using SSB,RTTY, PSK31 and some CW.He plans to be active
    in the upcoming CQ WPX SSB contest.                           QSL to home call.

    A very disappointed Dave, W1DV, has announced that his activity as TL8DV (which was
    to take place in late March/early April for 8-9 weeks) has been scrubbed.
    Details why were not provided. He did state, "It appears as though this is a long-term
    postponement, not a cancellation. As (if) plans develop for our future trip(s)
    to TL8, I will of course let you know. Jean and I are disappointed in this turn of
    events, but there is nothing we can do about it. More to follow."

    Christian/FM1II and a group of operators will be active using the special callsign
    TO1C during the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 29-30th) and 15 days afterwards.
    Plans for activity outside of the contest (for bands and modes) was not provided.
                                                                        QSL via ON4IQ.
    Membrs of the RZS Amateur Radio Club (W2RZS) will be active as TO5RZ from
    March 25th to April 1st. Activity will be on 160-10 meters, CW, SSB and RTTY,
    including 30/17/12 meters. Operators mentioned are Bob/WB2NVR, Mike/WA2VQW,
    Bob/N2DVQ and Adam/N2DHH.                                      QSL via W2RZS.

    Станцията R9J е активна сега по "Великого северного пути",това е научна експедиция,
    която е стартирала от Санкт-Петербург на 4 марта и трябва да завирши на 7 април,като
    ще изминат 4800 км. QRV ще е на 3600, 7070, 14120 и 14180 kHz. Планира се също работа
    с инициал R9J/1 от о-в Вайгач (EU-086).  За работата с R9J на два различни обхвата
    ще се издава диплома|: http://www.dxawards.com/REALSHORT.htm#North . QSL via  RV9JD.

    Ron, VA3RVK, will be active using the special callsign VB3E during the period
    of March 28th and May 27th. He will mainly use this callsign during
    the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 29-30th) and the CQ WW WPX CW Contest 
                                         QSL via VA3RVK, by the Bureau or direct to:
            Ron Vander Kraats, 9 Jopling Avenue South, Islington, ON M9B 3P4, Canada.

    Willy, ON5AX and Magda, ON3AX will be QRV as VK9ALH from March 23 to 30.Activity
    will be on the HF bands using CW, SSB and PSK31.                  QSL via ON5AX.

    Masa, VK1ANU plans to be QRV as VK9ANU from March 19 to April 2.Activity will be
    on 80 to 10 meters. He plans to be an entry in the upcoming CQ WPX SSB contest. 
                                                                     QSL via JO2SLZ.
    Frank, DL9GFB and Jan, DJ8NK will be QRV as VP2EFB and VP2ENK, respectively, from
    March 26 to April 8.Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using CW,SSB,RTTY and PSK.
                                                                    QSL to home calls.
    Sarla VU2SWS, Mickey VU2IZO, Nandu VU2NKS and Basappa VU2NXM are QRV from the
    Chaul Korlai Lighthouse, ARLHS IND 081,in Maharashtra until March 23. Activity is
    on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters using CW, SSB and digital modes.  They will also
    participate in the ARLHS Spring Lites QSO Party.                QSL to home calls.

    The past fifteen years have witnessed the emergence of new challenges in the security
    environment. As a result, the frequency of NATO summit meetings has increased.
    From the founding of NATO until 1990 - over forty years - there were ten summit
    meetings. The following sixteen years saw eleven more. In total, twenty-one summit
    meetings have taken place. Between April 2-4th, the next summit meeting will in
    Bucharest, Romania. To mark this event, look for special event station YO22NATO to be
    on the air between March 28th and April 9th. Activity will be on all bands and
    different modes.                                                   QSL via YO3KAA.

    In such a short space of time two of the most wanted DXCC entities have been made
    possible by one man. Petrus ZS6GCM, most recently on Bouvet as 3Y0E, is now headed
    to another rare DXCC - Marion Island using the callsign ZS8T. Within ZS8T.net you
    will find an abundance of information, discussions, images/movies and enough
    viewing to entice you into working Petrus. The entire ZS8T Team would be delighted
    if you joined us in following.
    The ZS8T team consists of the following people:

Rhy ZS6DXB        - Press Officer/Logistical Support
Don N1DG           - Finance/Logistical Support
Tom N4XP           - Finance Support
Emil LZ3HI          - QSL manager
Christian DL6KAC - Website construction
Col MM0NDX        - Website construction
Stan SQ8X           - Website design, graphics & multimedia, media & PR advisory

    DX Pedition  Marion Island - ZS8T    http://zs8t.net
Island activities:
   Jean-Pierre,FR/F5HIJ, will be active from Bernica using his FT-897 with dipoles
   until Mar 31. The best time to work him is from 1800-2000 UTC.

AS-014 Masirah Island
   Tim, A45WG and another amateur operator will be QRV as A45WG/p from Masirah Island,
   IOTA AS-014, from March 23 to 25. Activity will be on 30, 20 and 17 meters using
   only CW.                                                         QSL direct to NI5DX.

AS-155 Orchid Island
   Operators BV8BC, BV8BQ, BV8SE and BX8AD will be QRV as BV9O from Orchid Island,
   IOTA AS-155, from March 27 to 31.                                      QSL via BV8BC.

EU-001 Dodekanes
   The three OPs Vassilis SV8CYV, Alexandros SV8CYR, and VagelisSV5CJQ, will be QRV
   as SX5AI from Agathonisi Island from Mar 21-26.         QSLs direct via SV8CYV.

EU-004 Balearic Islands
   Joan, EA6/EA3GHZ, EA6/Enrique, EA5EOR, and Diona, EA6/EC5BME, will activate Ibiza
   from Mar 20-24.                                              QSLs via homecalls.

EU-013 Jersey
   Kevan, 2E0WMG, and Mark, M0MJH, will be QRV from Jersey signing 2J0WMG and MJ0MJH
   from Mar 20-26.They also plan to activate Les Minquiers (Maytresse Island/EU-099)
   during that time.                                              QSL via homecalls.

EU-115 Ireland
    Dieter, DK2AT, will spend his holidays near the capital Dublin (WLOTA LH 2484)
    from Mar 22-30. He will work in CW and SSB using a FT-897 with 100 watts and a
    10m vertical.

EU-171 Jylland North Group
    Ela, OZ/DL1TM, and Tor, OZ/DJ4MG, will be active from Vendsyssel-Thy between
    Mar 24 and Apr 10. They will work with two stations in SSB on 160/80/40/20/15m
    and in PSK31 on 40m/20m. Antennas they will use will be a spiderbeam, a 160m loop
    and a DK9SQ loop. Check also: http://dj4mg.dyndns.org       QSLs via homecall.

EU-174 Samothraki Island 
   Steve G4EDG, Jeff G4ELZ, Vasko LZ1CL and Tony LZ1JZ will be QRV as SY8JZ from
   Samothraki Island, IOTA EU-174, from March 25 to April 5. They will use mostly CW
   with some SSB.                                                     QSL via LZ1JZ.

   Bernhard, DL2GAC will be QRV as H44MS from Honiara, IOTA OC-047, until
   April 27.He will also be active from Lighthouse WLOTA LH-0086.         QSL DL2GAC.

   Masa, JA6GXK, will once again be active as JD1BMM until April 7th. His activity
   is usually limited to his spare time, but he will be on the HF bands, CW, SSB and
   the Digital modes.                                                 QSL via JD1BMM.

OC-164 Rottnest Island
   Operator John,VK6HZ,will be active as VK6ARI from Rottnest Island (WLOTA LH-2197),
   March 27 to April-3rd. This will be a holiday style operation using an IC-7000 on
   SSB, PSK and RTTY, possibly CW. Antenna will be a Buddipole. Activity will be
   around the usual IOTA frequencies.He will also be active during the CQWW WPX SSB C
   Look for him to be active on the 17/12 meters bands before and after the contest.
   Online logs will be available during his operation at:   http://www.vk6hz.com
   Logs will also be uploaded to LoTW.                              QSL is via VK6NE.

OC-133  Pulau Labuan
   Operators John/GM3OOK (9M6XRO) and Steve/9M6DXX will be active as 9M6XRO/P (CW/RTTY)
   and 9M6DXX/P (on SSB) from Pulau Labuan, March 16-17th. This a prelude to possibly
   a longer operation in November, depending on the resort's cooperation to the operation
   and antennas etc. This activity will be on 80-10 meters using a FT-857 (SSB) and
   IC-7000 (CW) with Tokyo Hy-Power amplifier (400W). Antennas will be a Butternut HF6V,
   dipole for 17 meters and an inverted 'L' with 42 ft. vertical section for 80 meters.
   No antennas for 12m or 160m.       QSL 9M6XRO/P via M5AAV only (by Bureau or direct).
   QSL 9M6DXX/P via M5AAV, or direct to: WDT 527, 88905 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

   Rick,AI5P, will be travelling through the South Pacific during March/April 2008.
   He confirms QSLs also via the bureau to his homecall.
   And this is his travel plan:
   OC-026   Guam         Mar 15-Mar 23      AI5P/KH2       
   OC-028   Kwajalein     Mar 24-Apr 5        V73PX    
   OC-028   Rota           Apr 7 -Apr 16        AI5P/KH0        

   PJ2DX is the call of Geoff,W0CG,who works in all modes on all bands until Apr 1.
   During the contests he will use the call PJ2T.
 Press release from CQ DX Awards quoted below:
(Hicksville, NY) March 21, 2008 — Kosovo is being added to the list of
countries and territories recognized for CQ DX awards, effective
immediately, CQ DX Awards Manager Billy Williams, N4UF, announced today.
Verifications for contacts made on or after February 17, 2008 are acceptable
for CQ DX Award credit. CQ DX Honor Roll members with 335 or more credits
should update by May 31st for highest placement in Honor Roll listings.
The new 339 entity maximum will appear on CQ DX Honor Rolls to be prepared
in early June. CQ DX Honor Roll listings prepared in early April will be
based on a 338 maximum count.
All Kosovo contacts will count for field KN on applications for the CQ DX
Field Award.
Kosovo’s status has been the subject of some controversy in the amateur
radio community as well as the world community, as the ARRL declared that
special operations from there on February 17 will count as Serbia, not
Kosovo, in terms of DXCC credit. The United States and many European
countries immediately recognized Kosovo’s independence. However, Russia and
China are opposed to it and Russia has threatened to veto any U.N. action to
recognize Kosovo as an independent nation.
“We are aware that the ARRL has not yet added Kosovo to the DXCC list,”
explained CQ magazine Editor Rich Moseson, W2VU. “The League says it is
waiting for Kosovo to become a member state of the United Nations or be
issued a callsign block by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU),
a U.N. agency. However, because of geopolitical issues far beyond the realm
of amateur radio, it is unlikely that the United Nations or the ITU will act
on Kosovo in the near future, even though the United States and many other
countries have granted it recognition.”
“Because it is CQ’s policy to grant credit for contacts with ‘new’ entities
as of the date that their status changes,” Moseson continued, “we have
decided not to wait for U.N. action, but to follow the lead of the United
States and other countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence, and
to grant credit for contacts made with stations in Kosovo as of its
independence day, February 17, 2008.”
(NOTE: This action does not affect the country list for the CQ WW DX
Contest. CQWW rules state that its country list is composed of those
entities on the DXCC list and the WAE (Worked All Europe) award list. If the
WAE Committee decides to add Kosovo to its list, it will automatically be
added to the CQWW list.)
 European Activity Day
The German group, Amateur Radio & Telecommunication in Schools, invites all radio amateurs
in schools and educational establishments all over Europe to take part in the ninth
European Activity Day.
The idea is to promote communication and understanding.
It is not a contest and operators are encouraged to take the time to chat. Contacts may be
made among schools as well with any other European stations.
Every participating station will get a certificate and will have the chance to win one of
the attractive prizes.
Full details can be obtained from Wolfgang Beer, DL4HBB, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
There is also a German-language web site at www.aatis.de.
 Chuginadak Island IOTA DXpedition - NA-234
Целта на експедицията е първо "радиооткриване" NEW ONE на острови в групата Islands of
Four Mountains Group.Експедицията предполага че ще използва CALL: KL7DX.
Подробности за този проект вижте на  http://na-234.com/
Състава на експедицията ще е от 8 човека. Планиран срок: 17-30 юли 2008.
 FO0 Clipperton DXpedition now QRT
Силна горещина, редуваща се с проливни дъждове, доведе до това, че TX5C се появи от
Клипертон със закъснение от планираното.Първото QSO беше направено в 00.28 UTC на 9 март.
Условията на острова са много тежки.Многобройнитесилни бури са нанесли много вреди -
повредени са били генераторите,SVDA 15 м на SSB позицията е била унищожена,два CW ключа
и два усилвателя също са излезли от строя.
Поради изключително тежките условия експедицията прекрати 2 дни порано своята работа.
от 9 до 15 март са направени 59875 QSOs: CW/28402, SSB/28736 и на RTTY/2737.             
Blog - Dedicated to HomeBrew Radio
Follow the adventures of Kevin, M0KHZ in the never-ending story of Homebrew Radio
on the West Coast of Cumbria (UK) - in a blog dedicated to the art of DIY.
Try it you will not be disappointed
Check out my adventures at: www.m0khz.com - all design data, schematics, PCB foils,
and ramblings. Spend some time and check out the archives.
73's  Kevin - M0KHZ
 GLORIOSO 2008 expedition !
Didier, F5OGL, is reporting that the operation will take place between May 6th and
June 6th. The team currently is: (operators and Staff in Metropolitan France
F5OGL - DXpedition team leader and QSL Manager
F5CQ  - Webmaster
F5CW  - Sponsors, and technical staff
F5CWU - Computers, softwares and antennas
F5PTM - DXpedition's team chief, CW leader/operator
F5IRO - CW operator
5U5U  - SSB leader/operator
TT8SS - CW/SSB operator
This "Most Wanted Country" will be on the air thanks to the permission given by the
Major General Dominique ROYAL, Commandant of the Transmissions Superior School of Rennes,
and under the authority of the Staff Army, The Armies HQ, and the Chief of Staff Army for
the South Indian Ocean Zone, and with the sponsoring Clipperton DX Club. Finalized dates
and other things like callsigns will be communicated as soon as possible. Look for more
info to follow. Rafik, F5CQ, is expected to update the Web page soon.
 KH6 QSL Bureau Change
 The ARRL Letter reports that as of April 1st (2008), Barbara Darling, NH7FY, will assume
management of the Hawaiian KH6 Incoming QSL Bureau. All card shipments should now be sent
to KH6 QSL Bureau,Big Island ARC,Attn:
        Barbara Darling, NH7FY, PO Box 1938, Hilo, HI 96721-1938.
Any concerns regarding this bureau's operation should be directed via E-mail to
Barbara Darling, NH7FY at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The ARRL would like to thank former KH6 Incoming QSL Manager Wayne Jones, NH6K, for his
years of service.
 Germany - DI2PM back again until August
 Hans, DL8PM, received a new permission to operate on 70 MHz with the callsign DI2PM.
Conditions: 69,950 MHz, max bandwidth 2,7 kHz and max 10 W EIRP.
During Hans’s first permission, expired 2008-02-29, he was very active and made over
100 QSOs. So with a new permission in hand and the Es season coming soon tons of QSOs
can be expected.




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