DX  DX , IOTA , NEWS . . .

  -- Tony, 3D2AG is QRV as 3D2AG/p until the end of January.  He is generally active
     on 20 meters using mostly CW but with some SSB as well, and on 40 and 17 meters
     using CW.                                                                QSL via FO5RK.
  -- 3D2AA, Aisea, is now at his vacation/retirement home near Suva, Fiji and is getting
     set up for both HF and 6 meters.

     With the help of Tom V Segalstad,LA4LN, and Trond Olsen,LA8XM, Petrus,ZS6GCM, had the
     possibility to obtain a valid license after his arrival on Bouvet. Petrus will be
     active as 3Y0E during the next weeks and he has already been spotted on 20m.
     The best time to listen for him is on 14295-14305 kHz between 1500 and 1700 UTC.
     Colin McGowan,MM0NDX, put up a website for Petrus including an online logbook search
     at: http://www.3y0e.wordpress.com
     Pilot station is Rhynhardt Louw,ZS6DXB (Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.).
     Emil Stoikov,LZ3HI, took care of the printing of the QSL cards and will also be his
     QSL manager (see also: http://www.lz3hi.com). His address:
                                     Emil Stoikov, PO Box 8, 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
     Remember that Petrus is fresh licensed and has no pile-up experience!
     During the past days the team struggled temperatures of -30 deg Celsius and icy storms.
     They lost two tents but the radio equipment is ok.

     Henri, F6EAY, is now signing 4X8AY. No other details were provided.    QSL via F5LGE.

     От 1 януари 2008 год. официалната валута на Република Кипър вместо кипърския фунт ще
     стане евро. По този случай членовете на  Cyprus Amateur Radio Society  в окръг  Pafos
     ще работят през цялата 2008 година със специалния инициал  C4EURO . Ще са активни на
     всички HF и VHF обхвати на SSB, CW и цифрови видове.                 QSL  via 5B4AGC.

   -- Pat, W8FV is QRV as 5H9PD from Mwanza until around January 12.  Activity is on 40
     to 10 meters using mostly CW.  He may try to be active on 80 meters.  He will also
     be active using PSK31.                                               QSL to home call.
   -- Hans, DL7CM, will once again be active as 5H1CM from Uroa White Villa, Zanzibar Island
     (AF-032, Grid KI93, WLOTA LH-1080), January 13-24th (2008). He will be here on holiday
     with his wife, so activity may be limited. Activity will be on 160-6 meters (mainly on
     the low bands), CW, SSB and RTTY.For more info: http://www.qsl.net/dl7cm/5H1.htm
                                                                             QSL via DL7CM. 

     Ben, DL7UCX, will be active as 5Z4/DL7UCX   through January 12th.
     Activity will be on 160-17 meters, mainly on CW and a focus on the lower bands.
     This will be a holiday style operation using 400 watts into a 18m vertical.
                                                                            QSL via DL7UCX.
     Jacques, F6HMJ, will be active as 6W/F6HMJ from January 8-29th. Activity is usually
     on 80-10 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY. He will use an IC-706 MKIIG and HF9V.
                                                                 QSL via his home callsign.
     - Zbig, SP7BTB is QRV as 9L1BTB while on a UN mission here.          QSL to home call.
     - Norbert, 9L1FZ, is currently is active and has been heard 20 meters SSB.
     His transmitter varies with output using 60-100 watts (depends on battery voltage).
     His antenna system is a homemade loop 20'x60' with SGC automatic tuner, estimated
     10 ft. above ground (medium dry soil and rock), with tropical vegetation around
     and above.                     We were told the QSL info is via " Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите. ".

     CE7/K2LZQ Craig, K2LZQ will be operating from Patagonia, Chile, grid FE34 from
     January 6 thru 12 and March 3 thru 8, 2008.

     Eduardo, CO8LY, reports that he is very active on RTTY and PSK31 on all bands.
     If you need to work Cuba on any band, he is willing to make a sked for the QSO via
     E-mail.   His E-mail address is: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.

     Hardy,DL3KWF, is licensed for 50 years now and thus activates the special callsign
     DM50KWF throughout the year 2008.See also his website at: http://www.mydarc.de/dl3kwf
                                                                          QSLs via DL3KWF.
     Felix, DL5XL е активен сега от  клубната станция DP0GVN на германската полярна станция
     "Neumayer II". Той предпочита CW, а Mirko (DG9BHQ) обича да работи на SSB и PSK31.
                                                                           QSL via DL5EBE.
     Joe is QRV as ET3JA and has been active on 17 meters SSB just before 1500.  He ha also
     been active on 20 meters SSB from around 1530 to 1800z.  He is here for about one year.
                                                                              QSL via OK3AA.
     Френския департамент "Град Париж" е бил създаден на 1 януари 1968 год.По случай 40 години
     от това събитие Операторите от Radio-Club de Paris (F6KVP) ще работят с пет специални
     инициала от 1 януари до 7 юни 2008  по следния график:
         1-15 януари             TM8P
         26 януари - 9 февруари  TM4A
         16 февруари - 2 март    TM1R
         29 март - 12 април      TM2I
         24 май - 7 юни          TM7S
     Информация за съответната диплома може да намерите на сайта: http://arp75.free.fr/
                                                                             QSL via F6KVP.
     Paul, F6EXV, reports:Yuichi/JR2KDN and Paul/F6EXV will sign FJ/F6EXV (callsign used for
     SSB and CW) and FJ/JR2KDN (callsign used for RTTY), from January 6-20th. Activity will
     be on 160-10m, with beam antennas from Cushcraft, vertical and dipole antennas,
     Yaesu FT2000 and FT857 plus 500W amplifiers.
                                             QSL via respective home calls, OK on (QRZ.com).

     Jouko/OH1RX (and XYL Merja), Pertti/OH2PM (with XYL Kirsti), Veijo/OH6KN и Juha/OH8NC ще
     са QRV от Nuku Hiva,Маркизки о-ви (OC-027), от 9 до 22 януари 2008. Ще бъдат инсталирани
     3 радиостанции за работа от 160 до 10 метра.Смятат да обърнат повече внимание на работа
     от 160 до 30 метра обхвати като ще използват верикални антени за предаване и beverages
     за слушане + 3 четири елементни ягита за горните обхвати.
     Ориентировъчните работни честоти: 1822, 3502, 3523, 7008, 7023, 10108, 14008,
     14023, 18068, 21008, 21023, 24898 и 28008 kHz (CW);
     1845, 3790, 7050, 19195, 18145, 21295, 24945 и 28495 kHz (SSB);
     14080, 21080 и 28070 kHz (RTTY).                                        QSL via OH2PM.

     Sylvain, F4EGD is QRV as MJ/F4EGD and has been active using RTTY on 40 meters around
     2230 and 0000z.                                                      QSL to home call.

     Tom, DL2OBO is QRV as HB0/DL2OBO from Chalet Barsula until January 9.  Activity is
     mainly on 160 to 40 meters using CW.                                  QSL to home call.

     Peter, DL9DAK, is expected to activate Ecuador (HC) and the Galapagos Islands (HC8)
     during the first half of January. His planned schedule is as follows:
                         January 2-9th   - Active as DL9DAK/HC1 from Quito, Ecuador
                         January 11-14th - Active as DL9DAK/HC2 from Guayaquil, Ecuador
                         January 15-18th - Active as DL9DAK/HC8 from the Galapagos Islands
                         January 19-21st - Active as DL9DAK/HC2 from Guayaquil, Ecuador
     Activity will mainly be on 20/17 meters (with some 40 meters) only on the digital modes
    (RTTY, PSK31/63, MFSK, Feldhell and Olivia500/1000) using only vertical dipoles and
     50 watts. Look for him to be active as DL9DAK/HC1 during the "ARRL RTTY Round-Up"
     Contest (January 6-7th). QSL via his home callsign. For more information, please visit
     the Web page at:  http://www.dl9dak.de

    Simone, IZ5JNQ, сyобщawa, чe ще е QRV от Санто Доминго, Доминиканска република,
    от 8 до 26 януари. Ще работи на SSB и цифрови видове работа на 10, 15 и 20 м.
                                                                          QSL via home call.

     Ако ви е необходим Тайланд на 80 м CW, може да потърсите Don HS0ZEE, който е всеки ден
     на 3505-3507 kHz от 21 до 00.30 UTC. Той използува трансийвър TS940S и дипол на
     височина 30 метра над земята. Също така може да си уредите скед: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.   
                                                                        QSL info - qrz.com
     Специалнатa станция II4TRI щe e QRV на всички обхвати и всички видове излъчвания
     от 5 до 20 януари послучай 211 години на първия италиански трикольор.
                                                                             QSL via IK4SWX.

     J5C will be QRV from Bubaque Island (AF-020) by "F6KOP TEAM" between 11 - 21 January.
     Operators mentioned are: F4AJQ, F6AML, F5JSD, F5VHQ, F5TVG, F5PED, F4TTR, F8BUI, F8BJI,
     F2JD, F2VX, F9IE, N2WB, N6OX and OE8KDK.
     Team of operators expect to reach the island late in the afternoon of 11 January, and
     they are unlikely to be QRV before 15 UTC on the 12th.Activity will be on 160-10 meters,
     SSB, CW, Digital modes, SSTV and FM. They plan to have 5 stations on the air around
     the clock. They will use IC7000, FT480 and TS857D, with 4 Spiderbeam, 2 verticals and
     3 dipoles. They will also have 4 ACOM 1010 amps.
     Thierry/F4TTR and Bruno/F5AGB will be the pilot stations, to be contacted using a
     specific e-mail address Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите..
     Complete information on the DXpedition can be found at http://www.j5c.eu/.
                                                                             QSL via F5TVG.

     Mala,F4FMI, travelled to Djibouti on Jan 1 and will be active in SSB on 20m/17m/15m
     signing J20MB until the end of March.
                                          QSL cards will be confirmed after his return home.

     Larry, AH8LG has been active on 6 meters between 2200 to 0200z.He is apparently
     running a KW amp and a beam.                                               QSL direct.

    JI5USJ and JI5RPT will be QRV from the Mariana Islands as KH0/JI5USJ and AH0V from
    January 10-14, 2008. Activity is expected on 6 through 80 meters, including the 60 meter
    band. They will be on CW and SSB. JI5RPT has a Web Blog at
                                             QSL KH0/JI5USJ via JI5USJ and AH0V via JI5RPT.

     Оператoрите на Balkan Contest Club от 1 януари до 31 март ще работят с инициал
     LZ130LO , послучай 130 години от края на руско-турската война, довела Освобождение
     на Българите от робство и създаване на Княжество България.
     По този случай е учредена диплома - условията вижте в qrz.com (LZ130LO).
                                                                            QSL via LZ1KZA.

OA   PERU        
     OA4/DL5YWM, OA4/DL2JRM and OA4/DL3OCH will be QRV between 8 and 12 January from OA4O,
     the Radioclub Peruano’s club station in Lima, CW and SSB on the HF bands.
                                                                          QSL via home call.
     По случай 40 години Асоциация на радиолюбителите в белгийските ВВС (BAFARA) специалната
     станция ON40BAF ще работи на всички обхвати и всички видове работа от 1 януари  до
     31 декември 2008 година.                                                QSL via ON6KN. 

     Eкспедицията PZ5YV в Парамарибо, Суринам, организирана от 4M5DX Group е запланирана
     за времето от 5 до 11 януари. Многонационалната група оператори, които ще приеме
     Ramon/PZ5RA включва  Olli/OH0XX, Spiros/SV8CS, Alex/YV5SSB, Jose/YV5TX, Juan/EA8CAC,
     Ramon/XE1KK, Diego/LU8ADX), се очаква да са активни с три станции на обхватите от
     160 до 6 м  на CW, SSB и цифрови видове работа.
     Повече информация  четете на  http://www.pz5yv.4m5dx.info/
                                                                          QSL via IT9DAA.
     Roland, F8EN is QRV as TR8CR from Libreville until January 12.Activity is mostly on 20
     meters. Listen for him mainly on 14005, 14125 and 14200 kHz. He may try to take a
     short trip to an island in the AF-043 IOTA group. 
                                                                              QSL via F6AJA.
     Rashad, 4J9M, e в командировка в Актау, Казахстан. Той е получил разрешение да работи
     с инициал UN/4J9M до 3 февруари 2008 год.                               QSL via DL7EDH.

     Randy, V73RY is QRV from Kwajalein, IOTA OC-028, until May.               QSL via N7RO.

     Andrea, IK1PMR (VK7AAP), и Claudia, IZ1GLO/K2LEO (VK7CLA),през целия януари ще пътешестват
     из Австралия и Нова Зеландия.Ето и ориентировъчния график за тяхната работа :
                 - 6 януари  VK7AAP/4 и VK7CLA/4    о-в Bribie (OC-001)
                7-13 януари  ZL/IK1PMR и ZL/IZ1GLO  Оклънд, Нова Зеландия (OC-036)
               14-16 януари  ZL/IK1PMR и ZL/IZ1GLO  о-в Waiheke (OC-201)
               17-20 януари  VK7AAP/3 и VK7CLA/3    Австралия
               21-31 януари  VK7AAP и VK7CLA        Тасмания (OC-006)
           1 февруари - ???  VK7AAP/3 и VK7CLA/3    Австралия

VK9  Lord Howe Isl.
     VK9ZLH, Doug, on Lord Howe Island has just installed a 6 meter beam and runs 100 watts.
     He works at the airport, so he can't be QRV all the time.

     Bob, I2JIN, отново ще бъде активен с инициал YS3/I2JIN от Салвадор от 13 до 27 януари.
     Той планира да работи на всички обхвати само на  CW.
     Ludwig,ZS6WLC, is using callsign ZS7BYRD from the Antarctic base SANAE IV during January
     and February. He can be found working in SSB on 14180 kHz and in AM (!) on 14280 kHz.
     Ludwig uses a straight key for CW.                   QSL cards should be sent direct to:
                       Ludwig Combrinck, PO Box 443, Krugersdorp 1740, Republic South Africa.
Island activities:
     Raul is QRV as LU1ZA from the Orcadas base on Laurie Island, IOTA AN-008.  He is
     often active on the Antarctic DX Net (+/- 7093  kHz) from 2300 to 0200z.      
                                                                            QSL via LU4DXU.
     Marek, SP3GVX, has been on King George Island since November 2007. He is at the Polish
     "Henryk Arctowski Antarctic Station" managed by Polish Academy of Science
     (Institute of Antarctic Biology). At the moment he has many duties to perform, but he
     should soon be active as HF0POL. This is his 4th time there, and he is going to be
     there the whole year during 2008.    For more info about the Arctowski Station,
     visit the Web page at: http://www.arctowski.home.pl         QSL manager is Tom, SP3WVL.
     Инициалът OJ1ABOA е издаден на финландската полярна станция "Aboa" (73.03S-13.25W),
     разположена на Земя кралица Мод в Антарктида (AN-016). Групата полярници състояща се
     от 11 човека ще бъде там 3 месеца, а техния ръководител Mika Kalakoski (OH2FFP),
     планира да работи с мощност 1 KW  и дипол за 40 и 20 м вдигнат на 15 метра.
                                                                           QSL via OH2FFP.
NA-075  Entrance Island
     Richard, VA7MJR, will be active from Entrance Island (BC) between Jan 9-20th.
     Activity will be limited due to work, but look for him on 80-6 meters SSB. Other
     reference numbers are: Canadian Island Award - BC 176, Grid Square CN89cf and
     Lighthouse CAN-171.

OC-028 Ralik Chain
     Randy,V73RY, is working from Kwajalein (Marshalls)until May 2008.       QSL via N7RO.
OC-046  Windward Islands:
     F5IRO is momentarily working from Tahiti signing FO5RU until the mid of January 2008.                                                         
     See also: http://www.f5cq.net/dxp/2007-FO5RU/fo5ru-fr.htm               QSL via F5CQ.

OC-129  Visayan Isl.
     Wolfgang,DU7/DK9SC,is resident on Cebu Island and hopes to get the callsign DU7AB soon.
                                                                             QSL via DL3SK.
OC-160   South Molle Island
     Steve, G0UIH, who recently activated Great Keppel Island (OC-142) this past week, will
     now activate South Molle Island (OC-160), January 7-11th.  His callsign will be
     VK2IAY/4, the same as the previous operation, and he plans to operate mainly around
     14260 kHz, with the possibility of some 17/15m operations also.
     Check out the following Web site for further details at: http://www.percy.me.uk
                                                                         QSL via home call.
Lighthouse activities (WLOTA/ARLHS):
8Q7AK     LH-3911                Jan 7-11.2008
VA7MJR/p  LH-1908  CAN-171       Jan 9-20.2008
EA8/ON5JV LH 1276                 -Jan 31.2008 
EA8/ON6AK LH 1276                 -Jan 31.2008   
ZF2XD     LH 1042            06.01.-11.02.2008
5H1CM     LH 1080               Jan 13-24.2008
HQ9R      LH-1671  HON-008      Jan 26-27.2008
HR9/WQ7R  LH-1671  HON-008      Jan 26-27.2008
CT3MD     LH 3365                     resident
9A4W      LH 0416  CRO-129            resident
CU3EQ     LH 0542  AZO-022            resident
DU7/DK9SC LH 1901                     resident
DU7AB     LH 1901                     resident
EA6AEI    LH-2988                     resident
F9IE      LH-1224                     resident
IC8OZM    LH-1409                     resident
YC9MDX    LH-1808                     resident     
Members of the KH8SI Swains Island group are happy to announce their upcoming activity
from the newest DXCC entity, Saint Barthelemy island.
With the help and support of FJ5DX, FJ5AB and FJ5KH, both Yuichi JR2KDN and Paul F6EXV
will sign FJ/F6EXV (callsign used for SSB and CW) and FJ/JR2KDN (callsign used for RTTY),
from January 6th till January 20th.
Activity will be on 160-10m, with beam antennas from Cushcraft, vertical and dipole
antennas, Yaesu FT2000 and FT857 plus 500W amplifiers.
QSL via respective home calls, OK on qrz.com
Please note the following :
F6EXV will do CW, but is not primarily a CW op. He will do his best, be patient with him.
Several hams have been involved in the preparations. The list would be too long, but let
them be thanked already for their help.
This web page will be available for log checking, though access to internet will not be
possible from the operating location. Do not use the clusters to ask us to QSY places,
it would be a waste of time...Logs will probably be uploaded every 2 or 3 days, depending
on internet access.
More details will come soon
73 and see you from there

FJ/F6EXV via F6EXV                               FJ/JR2KDN via JR2KDN                                        
Paul GRANGER                                     Yuu YOSHIDA
4 Impasse Doyen Vizioz                           4th Floor, KATO Building, 529 ROKUGATE
33400 TALENCE – FRANCE                           KITA-KU, NAGOYA 462-0002 - JAPAN
    Tim, VK2XTT, President of the BMARC, informs that a special callsign to commemorate
    the 50th birthday of The Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club (BMARC) has been issued by
    the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The callsign is VI2BMARC50
    and will only be valid for 10 days from January 18-28th (2008). Members will use the
    special callsign over the 10 days. QSL cards are to be sent via the bureau. Please look
    for them on all common bands and modes including PSK31, RTTY, SSTV and CW. A larger,
    very attractive card, serial numbered and signed by the current executive will also be
    available. However, there is a cost on this card of 5.00 AUDs posted. So please give
    VI2BMARC50 a call and help them celebrate this milestone in their club's history.
    Visit the club's website for updated information at:    http://www.bmarc.org/
VP6TD in your mailbox soon
 Good news for all those lucky guys who managed to work Tom, VP6TD (now back to New Zealand
 as ZL2HGR again) during his stay in Pitcairn island between May and August 2007.
 Stan SQ8AQD, who designed Tom’s cards, confirms that Tom already started to reply to all
 cards received. So you may look forward to receive yours in several days. It’s worth of
 waiting anyway as the card looks very interesting. Stan SQ8AQD adds Tom looks for another
 opportunity to visit VP6 land - stay tuned for details.

Допълнителна информация